Top 8 Steven Spielberg Movies

There's too many great Spielberg films to only choose five, and we are not doing the director justice by choosing eight either. Regardless, we honor the director who has changed the way we watch and engage with films. (insp. by
  1. Jurassic Park
    The film that started a phenomenon, and a franchise that lives on to this day. One can never forget Jeff Goldblum and the brilliant score.
  2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    It is incredible how a movie can become so quickly and deeply ingrained in our pop culture, while being revolutionary in its portrayal of the benevolent unknown.
  3. Schindler's List
    This seven-time Academy Award winning film combines realistic and humanist aspects to the horror of our world history. This drama is simply beautiful.
  4. Hook
    While this isn't the most popular Spielberg film, Hook is still dear to our hearts and reminds us to tap into our inner child from time to time.
  5. Catch Me If You Can
    An Oscar-worthy Leo performance paired with Spielberg's genius makes this a great crime drama
  6. Saving Private Ryan
    Another Oscar winner and historical drama about the realities of war. Plus an incredible performance by Tom Hanks. No you're crying.
  7. Jaws
    This list could not be complete without Jaws. A classic suspense horror film that instilled a fear of the ocean unto the masses. "You're going to need a bigger boat."
  8. E.T.
    Who didn't want a friend like E.T.? And fly on their bikes? This is a truly magical film.