1. Whopper
    Also known as wannabe Milk Duds.
  2. Tootsie Rolls
    Once you are past age ten, these get a lot less appealing.
  3. Mounds
    We're always wishing we had grabbed an Almond Joy instead. 😞
  4. Fireballs
    The older we get, the more evil hard candies become.
  5. Candy corn
    Show us a real person who likes candy corn and the heavens will open up and we will be swallowed alive by a giant Jack-O-Lantern.
  6. Pennies
    Unless you are trick or treating for UNICEF... in that case, JACKPOT.
  7. Apples
    This isn't Healthoween okay? Make with the sugar.
  8. Necco Wafers
    This candy is so old-timey that the ones your neighbor is giving out are probably from 1912, tbh.
  9. Good & Plenty
    The complete opposite of what their name suggests.