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I've been off the list grid for awhile. Allow me to give the ladies some eye candy. ;-)
  1. Chris Evans
    Chris Evans is and will always be my #1 celeb crush. I'm determined to marry this man. Devastatingly handsome, heart of gold, and a great sense of humor. What more could a woman want in her man? Here's to you Captain America! You'll always be my favorite!
  2. Chris Hardwick
    Hardwick is my #2. Okay, I fibbed a little. Evans hasn't always been my #1. Hardwick was my #1 for a bit because he and I have so much in common! Not only is he handsome AF, he's also got extreme knowledge of nerdery. We could stay up for hours discussing comics, having Dr. Who marathons, having Harry Potter movie fests, all of it! Then Hardwick went and got married and ruined the dream. He and I could still be besties! So if you read this @hardwick , CALL ME!!! ;-)
  3. Chris Hemsworth
    Thor. Thor. THOR!!!!!!!! So hot, deep voice, accent, ripped. Not to mention funny as hell and always willing to make fun of himself. Chris Hemsworth is a guy I'd love to hang out with.
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I have two cats. I talk about them a LOT.
  1. Thor
    He's my original fur baby. A friend of mine almost ran over him, his brother, his sister, and his momma. His momma got really spooked and ran off. So my friend scooped up the kittens. Her roommate at the time took claimed his sister as her own, and I was then begged to take the boys. I named them Thor and Loki. Unfortunately, I lost Loki in an accident. So it was me and Thor for a couple weeks.
  2. Jubilee
    So I got Jubilee! She is quite the firecracker. It's how she got her name. She's about three months younger than Thor and way smaller. When brought her home Thor tried so hard to get her to play, but she was in a new environment. When she finally came out from behind the couch, her brother started bugging her again and she wrestled back and pinned him in like two seconds!
  3. These Two...
    These cats crack me up on a regular basis and I can't imagine my life without them. They are so different and love each other and me so much. Cats are some of the best pets in the world and I'm so glad I have mine!
With American Horror Story returning this Wednesday I figured I'd give everyone insight into the slough of shows I watch during the regular season. Yeah, prepare for more nerdery...
  1. American Horror Story
    I mentioned it in the intro, may as well put it first. *lol* I've never missed an episode of AHS. Murder House was the best season, they haven't really topped it. However I thoroughly enjoyed Coven and Hotel. I am beyond curious to see where they take the show this season!
  2. Once Upon A Time
    A friend of mine hates me for watching this show as it is arguably a rip off of the popular comic series Fables, but OUAT is my guilty pleasure show and I can't get enough. I also can't get enough of Captain Hook! What can I say? I'm a human woman who loves hot guys and fairy tales.
  3. Jane the Virgin
    It's just like a telenovela! The drama, the humor, the twists, the turns. I love it all! I binge-watched the first season and haven't missed an episode since.
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These comic book ladies are the ones I love most. I tried to keep it at a Top 5, but I couldn't. These Seductive Six are my spirit animals!!!
  1. Storm
    You can never go wrong with this infamous African Queen! She's beautiful, she's black, she controls the weather. As a child of the 90s, I didn't even realize it was kind of a big deal that there was a black female superhero on the screen. I was lucky enough to grow up in a time where I could remain pretty ignorant about things like this. Storm looked like me and I wanted to be just like her. Still do.
  2. Penny Rolle
    The baddest bitch on Bitch Planet! I swear Kelly Sue DeConnick was thinking of me when she wrote this woman. She's big, she don't care, she speaks her mind, she's tough as nails, and she will NEVER apologize for being who or what she is. I needed this woman in my life. It's so hard to be fat and happy, because haters want to you to trim down. Confidence is key, and Penny helped me get that key to my happiness.
  3. Wonder Woman!!!
    Because Wonder Woman!!! She's as powerful, if not more powerful than all of her male counterparts in the DC Universe. She can fly, has super strength, isn't necessarily a waif, is stunningly beautiful, and who doesn't love her? She is the original female superhero, showing little girls that you can kick ass too!
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Strong. Powerful. Ass-Kicking. These women are forces be reckoned with. With great stories to boot, why not pick up a comic habit now?
  1. Bitch Planet
    Bitch Planet is penned by my new comic writing hero: Kelly Sue DeConnick. She herself is a bad ass who writes about a bunch of bad ass women. Such as Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers). Don't conform. Don't comply. Be yourself. Speak up for what you believe is right. You might get chucked in an all lady space prison, but who cares? The world and society has come a long way, let's not go backwards. Non-compliance gets you thrown on Bitch Planet, and I am more than ready to get tossed.
  2. Ms. Marvel
    Kamala Khan is someone we NEED. In these troubled times of Trump, and so much hatred and prejudice towards the Muslim community, we get a hero like Kamala. She's Pakistani-American and her parents make her abide by the strict rules of their country. No bacon, no boys, good grades, no parties. We all felt like that outsider, that weird girl, that person who just doesn't fit in, Kamala is that person, and she gets blessed with super powers. In a world of fear mongering, she is Jersey City's hero.
  3. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
    She kicks butts and eats nuts! Doreen Green has the powers of both Squirrel and Girl! She talks to squirrels, defeats Galactus, and does it all while going to college for computer science. Doreen is curvy and awesome and awkward around boys. She's the most relatable of superheroines and I can't get enough of her!
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Things I like and will most likely List about.
  1. COMICS!
    I'm a fan of comic books. Especially "Girl Power" or female led comics. So I'll probably talk about them a lot.
  2. Animals!
    Living in Alaska, we are blessed with an abundance of amazing wildlife. You can't hate animals and live in Alaska, I'm sorry. So I might talk about my love of animals. (Especially wolves) A lot.
  3. Pop Culture!
    I love just sitting on the couch for hours watching TV. It's my "Me Time" so I might breakdown my favorite movies and/or TV shows at one point or another.
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