Things I like and will most likely List about.
  1. COMICS!
    I'm a fan of comic books. Especially "Girl Power" or female led comics. So I'll probably talk about them a lot.
  2. Animals!
    Living in Alaska, we are blessed with an abundance of amazing wildlife. You can't hate animals and live in Alaska, I'm sorry. So I might talk about my love of animals. (Especially wolves) A lot.
  3. Pop Culture!
    I love just sitting on the couch for hours watching TV. It's my "Me Time" so I might breakdown my favorite movies and/or TV shows at one point or another.
  4. Books!
    It's just gonna be a bunch of Harry Potter lists... Who am I kidding???
  5. Music!
    My preferences are eclectic, so shall my lists be.
  6. Life!
    I like living it. So I'll talk about it.