I have two cats. I talk about them a LOT.
  1. Thor
    He's my original fur baby. A friend of mine almost ran over him, his brother, his sister, and his momma. His momma got really spooked and ran off. So my friend scooped up the kittens. Her roommate at the time took claimed his sister as her own, and I was then begged to take the boys. I named them Thor and Loki. Unfortunately, I lost Loki in an accident. So it was me and Thor for a couple weeks.
  2. Jubilee
    So I got Jubilee! She is quite the firecracker. It's how she got her name. She's about three months younger than Thor and way smaller. When brought her home Thor tried so hard to get her to play, but she was in a new environment. When she finally came out from behind the couch, her brother started bugging her again and she wrestled back and pinned him in like two seconds!
  3. These Two...
    These cats crack me up on a regular basis and I can't imagine my life without them. They are so different and love each other and me so much. Cats are some of the best pets in the world and I'm so glad I have mine!