With American Horror Story returning this Wednesday I figured I'd give everyone insight into the slough of shows I watch during the regular season. Yeah, prepare for more nerdery...
  1. American Horror Story
    I mentioned it in the intro, may as well put it first. *lol* I've never missed an episode of AHS. Murder House was the best season, they haven't really topped it. However I thoroughly enjoyed Coven and Hotel. I am beyond curious to see where they take the show this season!
  2. Once Upon A Time
    A friend of mine hates me for watching this show as it is arguably a rip off of the popular comic series Fables, but OUAT is my guilty pleasure show and I can't get enough. I also can't get enough of Captain Hook! What can I say? I'm a human woman who loves hot guys and fairy tales.
  3. Jane the Virgin
    It's just like a telenovela! The drama, the humor, the twists, the turns. I love it all! I binge-watched the first season and haven't missed an episode since.
  4. Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.
    Marvel does extraordinary with the cinematic universe and connecting everything. SHEILD has done great at supplying humor, heart, and action. Agent Coulson and crew keep me coming back every week.
  5. Arrow
    I love Arrow! The first season was very much like something off of the CW. Drama, hook-ups, dudes without shirts. Now I feel like they focus more on the story and less on who's having sex with who. To me, Arrow has gotten better with age, and I hope they keep doing well!
  6. The Flash
    I've watched The Flash since the beginning and I've loved every minute. Grant Gustin's Barry Allen is a lot of fun and he portrays The Flash beautifully.
  7. Gotham
    Batman has always been one of the darkest comics and stories in the comic world. Seeing how it all began has proven to be quite entertaining. Seeing the start of all of your favorite, iconic villains has been a blast to watch. Edward Nygma bustling about the crime lab spouting riddles at everyone, The Penguin will quickly grow to be your favorite character on the show. Gotham is dark and full of crime, seeing everything Jim Gordon had to put up with in his early days. Worth the watch.
  8. iZombie
    Love the mythos behind zombies in this show. They get pale, they get blonde, they only eat brains, and things have to be spicy as all get out or they can't taste anything, and when they eat a person's brain, they take on that person's personality temporarily. I think it's an awesome concept and the show has been a lot of fun to watch.
  9. Scream Queens
    Hilarious. Bloody. OMG HILARIOUS. I've never laughed so hard during a slasher. Scream Queens was the breakout hit of last season if you ask me , and I'm glad it's coming back. I can only hope we get more of Chad Radwell.
  10. The Walking Dead and Talking Dead
    Are you surprised? Here in Alaska our cable provider lost AMC and I missed the last half of last season. Thanks to satellite TV, I am now caught up and am dreading to see who Neegan took out during the season finale. I always stay tuned for @hardwick and Talking Dead after each show because he and whomever is on always counsels me through whomever I just lost.
  11. Lucifer
    He's British, he's sexy, he'll get get you to confess your deepest secrets and desires. After all, he is the Devil. Another show based on a comic, Lucifer tells the tale of fallen angel number one after he decides to put his job running Hell and punishing evil and takes a brief sabbatical in LA. He's running a nightclub and his brother, an angel who still works for Dear Old Dad, is tasked with trying to get Lucifer back where he belongs.
  12. Scorpion
    A bunch of geniuses comic up with elaborate, genius ways to save the world. When you're super smart, it's hard to emote or gage the emotions of others. That's where the non-genius Paige comes in. She helps them communicate, they save the world. It's quirky and fun.
  13. What do YOU watch?