Man Crush Monday: Chris Edition

I've been off the list grid for awhile. Allow me to give the ladies some eye candy. ;-)
  1. Chris Evans
    Chris Evans is and will always be my #1 celeb crush. I'm determined to marry this man. Devastatingly handsome, heart of gold, and a great sense of humor. What more could a woman want in her man? Here's to you Captain America! You'll always be my favorite!
  2. Chris Hardwick
    Hardwick is my #2. Okay, I fibbed a little. Evans hasn't always been my #1. Hardwick was my #1 for a bit because he and I have so much in common! Not only is he handsome AF, he's also got extreme knowledge of nerdery. We could stay up for hours discussing comics, having Dr. Who marathons, having Harry Potter movie fests, all of it! Then Hardwick went and got married and ruined the dream. He and I could still be besties! So if you read this @hardwick , CALL ME!!! ;-)
  3. Chris Hemsworth
    Thor. Thor. THOR!!!!!!!! So hot, deep voice, accent, ripped. Not to mention funny as hell and always willing to make fun of himself. Chris Hemsworth is a guy I'd love to hang out with.
  4. Chris Pine
    100% certified Pine Nut right here! Chris Pine is insanely hot with baby blue eyes you can disappear into. He's got a great singing voice, is killing it as the new Captain Kirk, and he seems to have a great personality. He's one of the more private celebs, which is refreshing in a time of Kardashians. I'd love to get to know him better.
  5. Chris Pratt
    Last but definitely not least, Chris Pratt. He's funny, he's hot, he's talented, he's Star-Lord! He can also wrangle Velociraptors and he played a cowboy. I feel like Pratt can do no wrong and Anna Farris is the luckiest girl on the planet for getting to be married to this man. When Evans and I get married, they're going to be our #1 celebrity couple best friends.