Strong. Powerful. Ass-Kicking. These women are forces be reckoned with. With great stories to boot, why not pick up a comic habit now?
  1. Bitch Planet
    Bitch Planet is penned by my new comic writing hero: Kelly Sue DeConnick. She herself is a bad ass who writes about a bunch of bad ass women. Such as Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers). Don't conform. Don't comply. Be yourself. Speak up for what you believe is right. You might get chucked in an all lady space prison, but who cares? The world and society has come a long way, let's not go backwards. Non-compliance gets you thrown on Bitch Planet, and I am more than ready to get tossed.
  2. Ms. Marvel
    Kamala Khan is someone we NEED. In these troubled times of Trump, and so much hatred and prejudice towards the Muslim community, we get a hero like Kamala. She's Pakistani-American and her parents make her abide by the strict rules of their country. No bacon, no boys, good grades, no parties. We all felt like that outsider, that weird girl, that person who just doesn't fit in, Kamala is that person, and she gets blessed with super powers. In a world of fear mongering, she is Jersey City's hero.
  3. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
    She kicks butts and eats nuts! Doreen Green has the powers of both Squirrel and Girl! She talks to squirrels, defeats Galactus, and does it all while going to college for computer science. Doreen is curvy and awesome and awkward around boys. She's the most relatable of superheroines and I can't get enough of her!
  4. Rat Queens
    If you want to laugh hysterically at wildly inappropriate jokes and see some really awesome magic-filled fight sequences while you're at it, Rat Queens is for you. We're seeing more women take control in comedy. Female driven comedies where you see we can kick ass and make you laugh while doing it. Rat Queens is straight out a D & D fantasy and it is perfect. The convos you and your girlfriends have behind closed doors is right in front of you on the page. Brilliant. Smart. Funny. Bitches.
  5. Black Canary
    And not the CW version. This is the original Black Canary and all of her bad-assery. Dinah tries so hard to escape her past, but the past always catches up with you. She now sings in a rock band, and every show ends in destruction because Dinah has to fight off (quite literally) baddies that come to all of her shows. Black Canary needed her own stand alone comic, and the results have been amazing.
  6. Other Titles to Consider:
    All New Wolverine (X-23 has taken over for her "father") Faith (Our first ever full-figured super-heroine) Black Magic (Seriously ladies, stop trying to escape your past and/or deny who you are.) A-Force (A team of bad-ass lady heroes!) What would YOU add to this list? I'm always looking for new comics to read! Shout out to my brother from another mother Jeff for introducing me to comics and all of the above ladies. You're the best!