The following was witnessed at a Mexican Restaurant earlier this evening. A young couple walks in with their about a year and a half old child.
  1. The child actually let the parents know which table to sit at by crying when they sat at an unacceptable one. Ended up by the window.
  2. Chips, salsa and cheese dip were brought to the table. Child looked at it and started whimpering- then screaming to voice displeasure. Mom picked up child and said, "I don't know what is wrong with her, you just can't reason with her when she's like this. Let's just go home." That is right, REASON WITH A TODDLER.
  3. Dad says, just try holding her. Child now sitting in mom's lap.
  4. Child starts squirming and mom says, "I know what she wants." Hands the toddler her smartphone.
  5. Waiter brings food. Child not pleased with food, throws chips and smartphone on floor.
  6. Child starts arching back, screaming, thrashing head around. Mom asks toddler why she doesn't want to eat.
  7. Meals are boxed up and family leaves.
  8. People, please let your children know that they are a PART of your family and not the central decision maker because of the way they act.