Shit I judge myself for that I did in my 20s

Pretty self explanatory. Also I'm no longer in my 20s
  1. Complaining. I swear I spent at least 9 years out of my 20s complaining. (The other year I spent sleeping.)
    It's cold. It's hot. I don't wana go to the gym. My protein shake tastes bad. I hate my job. I hate my hair. I'm fat. I want to lose 6.5 pounds. I don't have anything to wear.
  2. The dudes I dated.
    No self respecting human would have dated or continued dating some of the human crap I did.
  3. Running away
    Seriously. Why was I so scared?
  4. Not being active.
    All the hours I wasted watching tv. Every kind of law and order out there, not just SVU.
  5. Never being outdoorsy
    Safe to say I spent all of time, indoors, either in front of a computer screen or tv screen. Gahhhhhhhh
  6. Being prissy and high maintenance
    My hair is going to get wet and then I will die. I don't want to swim because the water is cold.