Y'all do not want to hear about my current boring life so let me tell you what my life was like this past summer.
  1. My room I stayed in as a Unit Director was in the Main Lodge which is also where the Dining Hall, the main relaxing area, and my office were.
  2. 7:15: Wake Up
    Sometimes I'd sleep until 7:30. I would roll out of bed. Throw on whatever clean pair of shorts and shirt I had, brush my teeth, slip on my flip-flops, and walk downstairs. Also wake Caitlyn up because she never wakes up. She was the other UD and we shared a room.
  3. 7:30-8:30 Sit in my office and try to wake up
    Usually with my head on my desk. Until my boss Mandie comes in all ready and awake. 😳 sometimes I'd go to the infirmary to take my pills and say hi to whatever nurse was working. Say hi to campers, say hi to kitchen staff, and housekeeping if I saw them. If you pretend you're awake you eventually wake up.
  4. 8:30 Breakfast
    Depending on the session I help serve. Usually I sit there and try and figure out if I'm hungry while Mandie yells at me to eat. I usually eat at 9. Also assigning counselors to their activities.
  5. 9:00-12:00
    I'm all over the place. In my office doing paperwork, sitting and talking with campers, helping Mandie do all sorts of stuff. I moved food, did office stuff, check on things around camp. I also went and checked on counselors activities and how they were going.
  6. If it was a weekday I always went down to the Admin building to say hi to Ellen.
    Ellen is Mandie's boss and I love her. I went down every morning to give her a hug. Sometimes I recounted money for her. Also I just sat and watched her do all the ridiculous amount of paperwork she did. My favorite was we always changed the hummingbird feeders ❤️ She's not tall enough to reach the high one. Then she'd have a smoke and we'd chat.
  7. Basically I'm all over camp doing who knows what because everyday is different.
  8. During this time there is a 95% chance I'm also with Caitlyn and Mandie.
    We spent approximately 16 hours a day with each other. Sometimes more. We were family.
  9. 12:30- Lunch
    I'm usually so hungry I'm stuffing my face. Sometimes Mandie, Caitlyn, and I would go into the kitchen at like 12 and get lunch before everyone else because they love us. Assigning counselors to their activities.
  10. 1:00-3:30 basically the same as the morning
    I'm all over the place. But usually this is when I'm in the office the most, because I want to sit. And paperwork involves sitting. Also checked on activities.
  11. 3:30 Check all the counselors in for break
    You aren't there by 3:35 everyone waits until you arrive to go on break. Once everyone's there two or three people are on duty watching the campers while everyone else is on break.
  12. 3:35-4:50 Break
    There is a 90% chance you will find my face down in my bed. Likely with no shirt on because my room has no air conditioning and it's hot af. Sometimes I go into town to get Sheetz food. Sometimes I do paperwork if I'm really behind. Mostly I sleep.
  13. 4:50 check all those counselors in from break
    Just be on time. I don't want to reprimand you.
  14. 5:00-5:30
    Talking to campers or in my office.
  15. 5:30 Dinner
    Will be stuffing my face. Aalto assigning counselors to activities.
  16. 6:00-7:00
    Talking to campers or in my office. Mostly preparing the canteen.
  17. 7:00-8:00 the evening program
    I go to almost every evening program because they are fun and seeing campers happy is what I live for.
  18. 8:00-9:00 twilight program for Assisted Living and Visually Impaired Sessions
    This is only during certain sessions. I usually go to these as well.
  19. 8:00-10:00 for Transitional care, Assisted Living, and Special Care Sessions.
    Sessions that require more care the activities end at 8 and Caitlyn and I walk around to every cabin to see how everyone is doing and help out when needed. This usually involves helping someone get dressed, helping someone shower, or helping get someone who is being particularly difficult into bed. We do this at 9 for assisted living sessions.
  20. 7:00-9:00 for Assisted Living and Visually Impaired Sessions I'm in the Canteen
    We have a little food shack that is open certain days for assisted living and everyday for visually impaired. I'm in here either taking orders and money or making food. Caitlyn, Mandie and I are always here. Working like bosses. It's very stressful at times but also a blast!
  21. 10:00-12:00 Break
    I always shower at 10. A lot of times I sleep for this two hour period. Other times I'm hanging out with counselors in Arts & Crafts. Durning the Visually Impaired sessions the campers are independent and are allowed to stay out as long as they want so usually I'm hanging with them during those sessions.
  22. Midnight: I do rounds
    I walk around all of adult camp to make sure all the counselors are in bed. Then I turn off all the lights. This is creepy af. I usually run to my room and lock the door.
  23. 12:10-1:00 am: Bedtime
    If I haven't showered yet. I shower. Then I lay in bed and go to sleep. Sometimes it takes long others only seconds.
  24. Rinse and repeat for 5 days for most sessions and 10 days for Visually Impaired sessions.