A Few of My Favorite Things: With Photos

@ListPrompts I'm going to cheat ☺️
  1. Animal- Sea Turtle
    All turtles and tortoises really
  2. Person- Gillian Anderson
    No explanation needed
  3. Color- Cerulean
    Please consult Meryl Streep's little speech on Cerulean in The Devil Wears Prada
  4. Band- Fleetwood Mac
    The Mac for life
  5. Movie- The Silence of the Lambs
    This is my go to answer because I've liked it the longest
  6. Book- The Hours
    Another go to answer
  7. Fruit- Peaches
    So delicious
  8. Artist- Georgia O'Keeffe
    I have no chill when it comes to Georgia O'Keeffe's vaginas...I mean flowers.
  9. Board Game- Scategories
    I am so competitive when it comes to playing this game. We will play every card and I will destroy you. I seriously don't remember ever being beaten.
  10. TV Show- The X-Files
    Not actually an X-Files picture, but it's the background on my phone.
  11. Car- Light Blue Thunderbird Convertible
    I know zero about cars, like what year is this car? I do not know. But I do find it aesthetically pleasing.
  12. Candy- Reese's Pieces
    Just pour the bag directly into my mouth please