A Peek Inside My Closet

What Bebe wears
  1. This is what I look like 90% of the time
    Shirt and jeans.
  2. Sometimes I add a light zip up.
  3. Or a cardigan.
    Shirt under a grey cardigan with jeans is my go to look.
  4. Or a cardigan with a graphic tee under it.
    I wear this a lot.
  5. Or a classic flannel.
  6. This is my favorite flannel.
    Why? Because me, Caitlyn (the other UD), and my bosses Mandie and Ellen from camp all have the same flannel. We bought them together. So every time I wear it I think of all of them.
  7. Heather has the Mickey one that says "soul."
  8. I stole that shirt from my sister.
    I should return it.
  9. Sometimes I dress up a bit.
  10. My "casual yet could wear to work" clothes.
  11. I wear this for all professional events.
    Pants easily switched with pencil skirt.
  12. Hello. I will wear florals that your grandma would wear.
  13. I feel like Hillary Clinton.
  14. Do punk rock!
    I know nothing about punk rock. I just really love Blondie. Bye.