I will also watch all their interviews and awards acceptance speeches that are available for my viewing pleasure on the YouTube. It is 3am and I cannot sleep so this happened.
  1. Meryl Streep
    My Queen 👑
  2. Emma Thompson
    Sometimes when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up I say "Emma Thompson."
  3. Gillian Anderson
    I cannot resist the Gillian.
  4. Mary McDonnell
    An actual special snowflake ❄️
  5. Amanda Tapping
    I've seen some shit. Yet I still absolutely adore her.
  6. Sarah Lancashire
    She's just wonderful. 😍
  7. Nicola Walker
    I physically need more Nicola Walker in my life.
  8. Lesley Sharp
    Have y'all seen the episode of Doctor Who with her?! Midnight is sooo good. She is brilliant.
  9. Julianne Moore
    It's probably the hair. I'm jealous and like to look at it. Also v talented.
  10. Alex Kingston
    Definitely the hair. And the accent. And the talent. But the hair.
  11. 6/10 are British
  12. I don't know if this has any meaning
    It's very late so my brain believes there is a meaning.
  13. I'm counting Gillian because she's like British half the time I suppose. She's a strange creature.
  14. Meryl could probably be counted as she could probably convince the world she was actually born in England and her whole life has been an act. Then she would be nominated for 34 Oscars and not win any.
  15. Maybe now I can sleep. Goodnight world 🌎🌙