I don't drink often and in a lightweight.
  1. At about age 10 I accidentally drank from the adult punch at my dad's Super Bowl party.
    I had one sip, maybe two, but I laid on the couch in a ball because I thought I would die because I wasn't an adult.
  2. The first time I had alcohol was spring of my freshman year of college
    It was a glass of champagne. Mine and Heather's senior friend and her girlfriend who already graduated had a small wedding ceremony on campus. This was before gay marriage was legal in PA. A couple friends and professors who Dani was close to were there. It was so cute!! They gave us each a glass of champagne after. This was ignored by professors. Never spoken about.
  3. First time I got drunk I was 19 and I drank half a bottle of wine
    I couldn't walk straight. My girlfriend brought me to bed. I am an actual lightweight.
  4. That same year I had my first shot. This is when I discovered I actually cannot do shots.
    At most I can do half at a time. I told you I am weak. That first shot was of some sort of rum. Everyone else were champs. I got half down and I couldn't breathe for a good five seconds.
  5. Getting drunk on wine is one of my favorite things to do
    I had about half a bottle. My girlfriend cuts me off, because I'm weak remember. I try and grab my cup back and spill it all over myself and get it in my eye. DO NOT GET WINE IN YOUR EYE! I cried.
  6. I don't actually like being drunk
    Like I like being drunk when I'm with friends and having fun, but if I'm still drunk and it's time for bed I usually cry because I don't want to be drunk anymore.
  7. There is a good chance of I am drunk I will show you my tits
    Not in public. But like if we're hanging out i probably will because I love them. If you ask I definitely will show. I have no self control when it comes to showing off my boobs. This applies to sober Amberle as well if we are friends.
  8. My lowest point was sadness and I got drunk on 4 shots of Jameson while crying in my kitchen at 11pm at night while my family slept.
    This was 3 months ago.
  9. I've only been hungover once
    It was in Ireland. So I'm a lightweight as you now know. We went to a gay club and just went crazy. Well crazy for me. I had like 2 and half pints of cider. Then my friend bought is vodka and red bulls. So I had one of those. Then he bought us a fishbowl which the four of us sucked down in like 30 seconds. I smoked at least 4 cigarettes. I got back to my apartment at like 3 am. I woke up at 5 and thought I was going to puke. I didn't thank god. I slept like most of the next day. Never again.
  10. I want to like beer. I just can't. I always try it, but it just doesn't happen.
    It took me 2 hours to drink a pint of Guinness. That was a proud moment. Because I finished it. Not because it took 2 hours.
  11. I got drunk off of cider and shots of fireball and just random shit Halloween of 2014
    We went to this place called the armory for a party. They guy who owns the bar in town owns this place. My roommate, her friend, and I went exploring around the basement of this creepy fucking building. We found a bar unattended and just drank what we wanted. Then we found some merchandise and stole shirts for ourselves. Actually stole a lot. I came home with a bumper sticker, a special straw, a shirt, and a shot glass. This is as wild as I get.
  12. And that is alcohol and me.