Awesome Stevie Nicks Performances

I'm now your self-proclaimed Stevie Nicks expert
  1. Silver Springs- The Dance 1997
    If you only watch one thing on this list I'm telling you this is the one you HAVE to watch. First of all, I feel like this song speaks to everyone at some point. Second, Stevie's, Lindsey's, and Christine's voices all together are perfect. Finally Stevie's raw emotion while singing to Lindsey gives me chills every single time.
  2. Rhiannon- 1976
    Probably considered the best by most fans. The ending is so intense it's like she's going through an exorcism on stage.
  3. Gold Dust Woman- 1981
    This 8 minute long performance is everything. What makes this everything?Stevie's outfit is just perfect, Mick Fleetwood is banging on practically any percussion instrument he can get his hands on, Stevie's mad tambourine skills, dancing, and fucking Bob Welch. Not too much Gold Dust Woman wails (which I absolutely love).
  4. Sisters of the Moon- 1982
    It starts with Mick chugging a drink. Lindsey may have become a farmer. Stevie legitimately disappears for like a good minute of the performance and Lindsey sings a part. Is it intentional? No idea. Don't worry she creeps back in and does some wailing. Christine and John are the only calm ones at this point. Stevie sheds some tears. It's just a fucking wild ride start to finish.
  5. Landslide- The Dance 1997/ Live in Chicago 2009
    I would say all of them because this is my all time favorite song. I cannot choose one. The Dance has such this beautiful interaction between Stevie and Lindsey and it is 100% perfect. But Chicago version makes me cry every time because of the slideshow of pictures of Stevie and her Dad. and
  6. Angel- 1979
    I think this just shows how absolutely adorable Stevie is. Like if you want your heart to melt from cuteness you should watch this. There's adorable dancing and Stevie looks like an excited teenager having the time of her life.
  7. Sara- 1982/83?
    I feel like Stevie does not perform this as often as she should because this is a beautiful song. I really like this performance. I don't really know why. Probably because she looks so happy.
  8. Seven Wonders- 1987
    I don't care how spaced out she is I love this. For some reason this is the video that made me fall in love with Stevie. Particularly the last like minute and a half. Because of this it is being included and no one can stop me.
  9. Edge of Seventeen- 1981
    I believe this is the performance that is on the Enchanted Box Set. It's a good time. Her shawl basically transforms her into a dove. She's bombarded by gifts and flowers from fans at the end and it is adorable. Mostly because she's so small and can barely hold it all.
  10. Gold and Braid- 1981
    I love this song and she practically never performed it. So much dancing! I probably learned how to dance from Stevie, because all that is how I dance.
  11. Outside the Rain/Dreams- 1981
    First of all I love how it just so smoothly transitions from one song to the other without stopping. Particularly this performance. Do this forever Stevie.
  12. Say Goodbye- 2005
    Okay this is actually a Lindsey song and Stevie sings with him. But it's so beautiful. Actually it pains me because it's about their relationship and they are very emotional. I will spare you the ones where Stevie cries because it's fucking heartbreaking. I can't imagine singing a song about yourself and your relationship with your first love with that guy who you've known since you were 16 and still work together. I love you Stevie.
  13. Never Going Back Again- 2005
    Also Lindsey's but they just sing so well together. Also very emotional.
  14. Ebony Eyes- 1978
    Actually Bob Welch with Stevie and Mick. It's just so fun. Stevie is adorable dancing, playing the tambourine, and just having fun! In the beginning she's so distracted by dancing she forgets to sing and she also makes many adorable faces. Also there is a dancing and tambourine playing Mick Fleetwood.
  15. ❤️❤️❤️