You all did not deserve this.
  1. Laura Roslin
    It was inevitable and I knew it was coming, but that didn't stop me from crying ugly tears.
  2. Billy Keikeya
    Battlestar Galactica is known for just ripping your heart out and lighting it on fire. Bully did not deserve this. Laura did not deserve this.
  3. Dr. Janet Fraiser
    My tiny doctor who was personally responsible for saving every SG-1 member's lives multiple times did not deserve this.
  4. Thor
    I have never been so upset over the death of a little grey alien than I was over Thor saving everyone. Thanks Stargate.
  5. Dr. Elizabeth Weir
    What exactly happens to her? Who knows. She turned into a lot of things. Either way, she didn't deserve this.
  6. Prue Halliwell
    Prue is and always will be my favorite Halliwell sister. She could have at least came back with her mom and grandmother when they visited.
  7. Dr. Carson Beckett
    Carson was a saint and definitely did not deserve this.
  8. Ruth Evershed
    No. No. No. My Ruth did not deserve this. Also I refuse to believe that any Nicola Walker character is dead.
  9. Jackie "Stevie" Stevenson
    I don't care if she was already dead when the series started. I refuse to accept your death. See Above for Nicola Walker reason.
  10. Will Gardner
    Why?!? Whhhhhhhyyyyy?
  11. Anastasia "Dee" Dualla
    Oh Dee you were so close to earth. You were amazing.
  12. Dr. George O'Malley
    If there is one person on grey's who didn't deserve this it was George.
  13. Dobby
    Shut the fuck up Dobby is not dead.
  14. Amy Pond and Rory Williams
    Poor River had to watch her parents get ripped back in time by a weeping angel and then see their names appear on a gravestone. That's some shit. At least they lived together happily.
  15. River Song
    Speaking of River Song. You beautiful woman. Thank you for continually coming back to me because time travel is confusing therefore you still live.
  16. Kate Todd
    I was not ready for this. They shot you once and you didn't really die and you stood up and they shot you in the head. You did not deserve this.
  17. Dr. Lance Sweets
    Massive Nope. Sweets was everything.
  18. D'Anna Biers
    Out of all the cylons number 3 was my favorite. You were boxed and then you came back. Then you stayed on fake earth all by yourself to die.