Characters Virgos Are According to Buzzfeed

Inspired by @quixotic
  1. The X-Files
    YESSS 100% always!!!
  2. The Force Awakens
    Yes bb
  3. Doctor Who
    Ahh my love
  4. Star Wars
    Take it, I will. ⬅️ that's how Yoda talks right? Haven't gotten to the movies he's in yet.
  5. The Hunger Games
    Sooo I get to sleep with Effie right?
  6. Law & Order SVU
  7. Scandal
  8. The Lord of the Rings
    I do eat a lot
  9. Once Upon A Time
    I miss him
  10. Grey's Anatomy
  11. Bones- squintern
  12. Parks & Rec
    The number one honor I have ever received in my entire lifetime.