Christine Mcvie Appreciation List

  1. First of all her birth name is Christine Anne Perfect
    Because she is perfect.
  2. Before Fleetwood Mac she was in the band Chicken Shack
    She recorded two albums with them: Forty Blue Fingers, Freshly Packed and Ready to Serve (1968) and O.K. Ken? (1969)
  3. Christine played piano and did background vocals on son tracks on the first 3 Fleetwood Mac albums.
    Mr. Wonderful (1968), Then Play On (1969), and Kiln House (1970).
  4. She painted the album cover for Kiln House.
  5. She officially joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970. Her first album with them as an official member was Future Games.
  6. She's recorded 3 solo albums.
    Christine Perfect (1970), Christine McVie (1984), and In The Meantime (2004).
  7. She has an amazing voice. It's deeper and smooth and I don't even know. I love it.
  8. She's very pretty!
    Let's look at some pictures now!
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  14. Like I love her so much!
  15. She rejoined Fleetwood Mac in 2014 at 71 years old.
    And I can say she is amazing as ever and gorgeous. I have witnessed it with my own eyeballs and ears.
  16. Here is a playlist of my favorite Christine songs.