A lot of these are shows that I saw at my college, but still count as concerts in my mind even if they weren't huge. I miss the free entertainment Juniata provided me.
  1. Heart- 2010
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    This was my first concert. I went with my boyfriend at the time the summer after I graduated high school. It was amazing. We got back after curfew and his mom was pissed. I look back and it kinda makes sense because we were 16 and 17. Either way the plan was for me to stay at his house for the night, but his mom changed her mind at 12am and brought me home and I had to break into my mom's house because my keys were at my dad's house an hour away.
  2. Sublime- 2010
    The day after the Heart concert. I went to this for my boyfriend. I don't remember any of it mostly because I wasn't interested. All I know was it was raining and muddy and smelled of pot. We also had to leave early in order to not piss his mom off again.
  3. Robin Speilberg- 2011
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    Juniata brings a variety of performers to the school for entertainment. As students we got in for free. Robin Speilberg is a pianist. She was one of the first Juniata Presents I went to my freshman year. I sat in the front row with my friend. I loved it. I met her afterward, got a picture with her, and bought two of her CDs. She was so sweet and very talented.
  4. Dala- 2012
    They also came to Juniata. I skipped O. Chem group to see them. I don't remember who I went with or if I went alone. I loved their music. They we adorable. I bought 2 of their CDs. Stole a poster. Not from them from the wall of the school. They post them everywhere.
  5. ETHEL- 2013
    Another Juniata presents. They are a string quartet. They played with a Native American flutist. I loved them! I listened to them on YouTube for like a month after.
  6. Watsky- 2013
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    Cassie and I drove to Columbus, Ohio on a Sunday to see Watsky our sophomore year. It was a blast! We were in the front on the side of the stage. Watsky was practically on top of us. The concert was so long! It went from 7-12 pm. We got pictures with him and he signed the CDs we bought. We got back to the hotel after 1am. We slept for like 5 hours and left at 6am to get back to campus for our 11am classes.
  7. FLEETWOOD MAC- 2014
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    I skipped 2 days of class for this concert. My mom bought us tickets when they came out as something for me to look forward to after I got out of the hospital. I took a train to Philly to meet my mom and stepdad there. The concert was AMAZING! I never thought I would get to see Christine perform Songbird. I wrote every song down as they played on my arm. I'm surprised I didn't cry. I stayed at my friends house for the night and took the train back to school the next day.
  8. Red Baraat- 2015
    Another Juniata Presents. I don't really know how to describe them but they were fantastic! Everyone in the theater was dancing and having a blast. I was exhausted after it was over because of so much dancing.
  9. Heart- 2015
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    After graduation Heather and I went and saw Heart. It seems to me that after any of my graduations I need to see Heart with my current significant other. It was a great time. I sang to Heather the entire concert. Ann and Nancy were amazing as always.