1. My personal favorite for when you don't give a fuck and you're fabulous.
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  2. Second favorite for when you need to get the point across that you are sighing and it is a skeptical sigh.
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  3. Really?
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  4. Are you kidding?
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  5. Sure...
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  6. I'm concerned for you.
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  7. Are you for real?
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  8. That's cute. *sarcasm*
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  9. Don't.
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  10. *side eye*
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  11. *slightly shocked*
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  12. If you say so.
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  13. Stop speaking.
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  14. I'm not in the mood.
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  15. Come on.
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  16. *ignoring you*
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  17. No.
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  18. *slightly scared*
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  19. You make no sense.
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  20. *slight wow*
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  21. You are ridiculous.
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  22. I'm done.
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  23. *eye twitch*
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  24. I'm so much better than you.
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  25. Bitch, please.
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  26. I may kill you.
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  27. What the fuck?
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  28. *skeptical*
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  29. Hmmmm.
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  30. Are you kidding?
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  31. Please.
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  32. Ahhhhh okay.
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  33. Eww
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  34. I could be happy for you, but who knows? You don't.
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