Enya May Sound Like an Angel, but Moya Plays the Harp

  1. This list is dedicated to my new found love of Clannad, particularly Moya Brennan, aka Enya's older sister.
  2. Let me get this straight, they are both actual angels, I just thought that title was cool af
    I'm lame. I apologize.
  3. Maybe she's an actual fairy?
  4. Yep a fairy.
  5. She also sounds like an angel and to be honest I need like a whole album of her and Enya singing together.
    Moya play the harp while Enya sings in some made up language. Harp and piano and singing? Or just read the phone book in Irish or something. I don't really care. Just work with me here ladies.
  6. Her singing in Irish is my favorite thing right now.
    I may like it more than when Enya sings in Irish 😳 never mind that made me feel like I committed a mortal sin. Forgive me Enya.
  7. Anyways, look at this adorable and precious woman and her harp 😍
  8. Goodbye. I'll be in my corner falling in love.