I share a room with my brother so some of it is his. Inspired by @shacara_shacara and @lesbian
  1. My brother's corner of stuff
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  2. This is also Tommy's. I hate football.
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  3. Now onto my shit
  4. First we have The Holy Trinity: Meryl Streep, Mary McDonnell, and Emma Thompson
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  5. And now The second Holy Trinity: Daniel, Emma, and Rupert
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  6. Then we have the last supper BSG style.
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  7. We have Kate, Stevie, and Meryl
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    Random to keep everything even.
  8. Princess Diana ❤️
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  9. My favorite poster of all time that my aunt gave to me
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    My brother has to look at it every morning when he wakes up.
  10. My lord and savior Stevie Nicks
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  11. Stargate babes
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    Mindy got the signed picture of Teryl Rothery at a convention as well as a picture of Amanda Tapping signed by Dennys Ilic, the photographer. He once liked a really shitty picture of mine on Instagram and I about died.
  12. This fucking awesome neon Doctor Who clock I got for Christmas last year from my dad.
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    The ticking is very soothing to me.
  13. And the newest edition, recently swiped from my 6 year old brother, I give you Princess Leia
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    No shame.