Every Single Thing That's Up on the Walls in My Room

I share a room with my brother so some of it is his. Inspired by @shacara_shacara and @lesbian
  1. My brother's corner of stuff
  2. This is also Tommy's. I hate football.
  3. Now onto my shit
  4. First we have The Holy Trinity: Meryl Streep, Mary McDonnell, and Emma Thompson
  5. And now The second Holy Trinity: Daniel, Emma, and Rupert
  6. Then we have the last supper BSG style.
  7. We have Kate, Stevie, and Meryl
    Random to keep everything even.
  8. Princess Diana ❤️
  9. My favorite poster of all time that my aunt gave to me
    My brother has to look at it every morning when he wakes up.
  10. My lord and savior Stevie Nicks
  11. Stargate babes
    Mindy got the signed picture of Teryl Rothery at a convention as well as a picture of Amanda Tapping signed by Dennys Ilic, the photographer. He once liked a really shitty picture of mine on Instagram and I about died.
  12. This fucking awesome neon Doctor Who clock I got for Christmas last year from my dad.
    The ticking is very soothing to me.
  13. And the newest edition, recently swiped from my 6 year old brother, I give you Princess Leia
    No shame.