Falling Asleep at Night vs. Falling Back to Sleep in the Morning

  1. NIGHT:
    Cannot find a single comfortable position. It feels like I'm laying on a rock.
    I'm sleeping on a floating cloud. Any way I lay is the most comfortable position I have ever felt.
  3. NIGHT:
    I'm hot and cold. Left leg, right arm, and back are not covered with the blanket. The rest is.
    Oh the sweet warmth of my comforter! Every body part up to my neck is covered in this heavenly blanket.
  5. NIGHT:
    Brain is running at 1000 mph. Sleep is impossible.
    Brain running at approximately between 0 and 100 mph. Can still be running, but significantly slower that sleep comes easy.
  7. NIGHT:
    I don't want to sleep. Sleeping is stupid and takes up time. I could be doing so many things! Aka I want to watch another episode!
    Sleep is the most glorious thing in the world. I'm never getting up. I'm sleeping for days.