I've seen my real name, Amberle, exactly 2 times. First, is in The Shannara Series which is where my dad got my name from. Second, was in a Law & Order CI episode where Liza Minelli played the mother of Amberleigh, a murdered beauty queen. Clearly I cannot make a list with Amberle.
  1. Bebe Neuwirth
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    I straight up want to be Bebe pals with her. I love her. One day I will meet her and a Bebe picture will be taken and the world may explode.
  2. Bebe Buell
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    I only ever knew her because she was Liv Tyler's mom, but she's also a singer. And holy shit she's gorgeous.
  3. Bebe Rexha
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  4. Bebe Daniels
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    Old film actress. Started out in silent movies and then did musicals.
  5. Bebe
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    Spanish singer-songwriter.
  6. Bebe Winans
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    Gospel and R&B singer.
  7. Okay first off, like me this is not their real name. Congrats on the fucking awesome nickname everyone!
  8. Second. WHY ARE ALL Y'ALL SINGERS?! I cannot live up to this nickname. Y'all have put this Bebe in a corner. And nobody puts Bebe in the corner.