Famous according to me. I'm sure there are tons of others. These are the ones I was like "oh my gosh yes!"
  1. Seth Green as Emil
    1x2 Deep Throat
  2. Felicity Huffman as Dr. Nancy Da Silvia
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    1x8 Ice
  3. Mark Sheppard as Cecil L'lvely/Bob the Caretaker
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    1x12 Fire
  4. Brad Dourif as Luther Lee Boggs
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    1x13 Beyond the Sea
  5. Don S. Davis as Captain William Scully
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    1x13 Beyond the Sea and 2x8 One Breath
  6. CCH Pounder as Agent Lucy Kazdin
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    2x5 Duane Barry
  7. Teryl Rothery as Michelle Charters
    2x11 Exclesis Dei
  8. Tony Shaloub as Dr. Chester Ray Banton
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    2x18 Soft Light
  9. Jack Black as Bart 'Zero' Liquori
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    3x3 D.P.O
  10. Giovanni Ribisi as Darin Peter Oswald
    3x3 D.P.O
  11. Peter Boyle as Clyde Bruckman
    3x4 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
  12. Jewel Staite as Amy Jacobs
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    3x8 Oubliette
  13. Ryan Reynolds as Jay De Boom
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    3x13 Syzygy
  14. B.D. Wong as Detective Glen Chao
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    3x19 Hell Money
  15. Lucy Lui as Kim Hsin
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    3x19 Hell Money
  16. Alex Trebek as Man in Black
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    3x20 Jose Chung's From Outer Space
  17. Amanda Tapping as Carina Sayles
    3x21 Avatar
  18. Jodie Foster as Betty
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    4x13 Never Again
  19. Richard Belzer as Detective John Munch
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    5x3 Unusual Suspects
  20. Luke Wilson as Sheriff Hartwell
    5x12 Bad Blood
  21. Bryan Cranston as Patrick Crump
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    6x2 Drive
  22. Ed Asner as Maurice
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    6x6 How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
  23. Lily Tomlin as Lydia
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    6x6 How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
  24. Bruce Campbell as Wayne Weinsider
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    6x7 Terms of Endearment
  25. Octavia Spencer as Nurse Octavia
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    7x4 Millennium
  26. Shia LeBeouf as Richie Lupone
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    7x6 The Goldberg Variation
  27. Téa Leoni as herself
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    7x19 Hollywood A.D.
  28. Minnie Driver as herself
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    7x19 Hollywood A.D.
  29. Kathy Griffin as Betty Templeton and Lulu Pfeiffer
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    7x20 Fight Club
  30. Bellamy Young as Attorney Janet Wilson
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    8x6 Redrum
  31. Joe Morton as Martin Wells
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    8x6 Redrum
  32. Lucy Lawless as Shannon McMahon
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    9x1 and 9x2 Nothing Important Happened Today Parts 1 & 2
  33. Jane Lynch as Mrs. Anne T. Lokensgard
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    9x5 Lord of the Flies