Famous X-files Guest Stars 👽

Famous according to me. I'm sure there are tons of others. These are the ones I was like "oh my gosh yes!"
  1. Seth Green as Emil
    1x2 Deep Throat
  2. Felicity Huffman as Dr. Nancy Da Silvia
    1x8 Ice
  3. Mark Sheppard as Cecil L'lvely/Bob the Caretaker
    1x12 Fire
  4. Brad Dourif as Luther Lee Boggs
    1x13 Beyond the Sea
  5. Don S. Davis as Captain William Scully
    1x13 Beyond the Sea and 2x8 One Breath
  6. CCH Pounder as Agent Lucy Kazdin
    2x5 Duane Barry
  7. Teryl Rothery as Michelle Charters
    2x11 Exclesis Dei
  8. Tony Shaloub as Dr. Chester Ray Banton
    2x18 Soft Light
  9. Jack Black as Bart 'Zero' Liquori
    3x3 D.P.O
  10. Giovanni Ribisi as Darin Peter Oswald
    3x3 D.P.O
  11. Peter Boyle as Clyde Bruckman
    3x4 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
  12. Jewel Staite as Amy Jacobs
    3x8 Oubliette
  13. Ryan Reynolds as Jay De Boom
    3x13 Syzygy
  14. B.D. Wong as Detective Glen Chao
    3x19 Hell Money
  15. Lucy Lui as Kim Hsin
    3x19 Hell Money
  16. Alex Trebek as Man in Black
    3x20 Jose Chung's From Outer Space
  17. Amanda Tapping as Carina Sayles
    3x21 Avatar
  18. Jodie Foster as Betty
    4x13 Never Again
  19. Richard Belzer as Detective John Munch
    5x3 Unusual Suspects
  20. Luke Wilson as Sheriff Hartwell
    5x12 Bad Blood
  21. Bryan Cranston as Patrick Crump
    6x2 Drive
  22. Ed Asner as Maurice
    6x6 How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
  23. Lily Tomlin as Lydia
    6x6 How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
  24. Bruce Campbell as Wayne Weinsider
    6x7 Terms of Endearment
  25. Octavia Spencer as Nurse Octavia
    7x4 Millennium
  26. Shia LeBeouf as Richie Lupone
    7x6 The Goldberg Variation
  27. Téa Leoni as herself
    7x19 Hollywood A.D.
  28. Minnie Driver as herself
    7x19 Hollywood A.D.
  29. Kathy Griffin as Betty Templeton and Lulu Pfeiffer
    7x20 Fight Club
  30. Bellamy Young as Attorney Janet Wilson
    8x6 Redrum
  31. Joe Morton as Martin Wells
    8x6 Redrum
  32. Lucy Lawless as Shannon McMahon
    9x1 and 9x2 Nothing Important Happened Today Parts 1 & 2
  33. Jane Lynch as Mrs. Anne T. Lokensgard
    9x5 Lord of the Flies