Or Fanboying or being an intense fan of something. Why isn't there a gender neutral term for this? If there is please tell me!
  1. Never be ashamed of what you love!
    Do you like a weird sci-fi show that no one has ever heard of, are you horror fan, or do you something mainstream that everyone likes? Who cares?! You like what you like. Don't let anyone tell you you're not cool for liking something.
  2. Share your love!
    Share what you love with your friends! It's fun to show off what you love and you get to know each other better. Sometimes you can surprise people. And if they share with you too, you may be pleasantly surprised by new things. A lot of the stuff I love have been things friends have recommended and showed me.
  3. Show off your love! How you ask?
  4. Are you a merchandise kind of person?
    If so, then posters, clothing, mugs, and everything else under the sun. Show it off. You're 'I Want To Believe' poster is awesome! Your Parks & Rec mug is the bomb! You are rocking those Doctor Who leggings!
  5. Are you artistic?
    Jump all over that fan art! Draw your favorite characters. Make those awesome minimalist posters. Write the slogan with your fancy calligraphy abilities! Keep it to yourself or share it with the world. It's up to you!
  6. Are you a writer?
    Then get writing. Write all the fanfiction your brain can come up with and your fingers can type! Read other people's fanfiction. Share it. I've read some good fanfiction. Come on there are actual published books based on series. I'm talking about those CSI books I've read.
  7. Cosplay your favorite characters!
    If anybody thinks it is stupid send them packing with pictures of the most bomb cosplays. It can be simple or it can be elaborate. You bet I'd cosplay Laura Roslin with a pencil skirt, nice shirt, and a blazer! I could also be Sharon Raydor. Who knows? Mary McDonnell plays women who dress the same. Either way if that's your thing go for it! Don't knock the other people who do.
  8. Go to conventions!
    There are SO many conventions all over the world! You can meet other fans, meet the actors or writers, and you can buy merchandise! It's like a nerdy vacation! I've never been and I'm so jealous of those who have been!
  9. Be respectful to other fans!
    People love different characters, people hate certain episodes, people ship all sorts of characters. Just because you have different opinions doesn't mean you get to be rude. Also don't be rude to people in cosplay. That's just mean. But healthy debate is always fun!
  10. Most of all, have fun!
    This is something you love and are passionate about so have fun with it and enjoy it. Have themed parties and marathon. Dress up for Halloween. Talk about it. Be excited about it! Having a deep love of something is so cool!
  11. But don't be creepy to the actors and writers and creators of the shows, movies, books, etc.
    Totally share your artwork if you want with them on Twitter. Mention them in nice comments. Write them a sweet letter. We all love characters and actors. Some have had huge impacts on outer lives. I understand and relate. Just DON'T be creepy and send weird messages, send them inappropriate things, and don't repeatedly and excessively mention them for attention and ask them to notice you. It's not cool.