Favorite Classes I Took in College

Inspired by @kaitmaree!
  1. Crimes Against Humanity
    We read many articles and books about genocide and crimes against humanity. We talked a lot about the definition of genocide and how to classify each event we discussed. This led to a lot of debate. The class became very close because of the difficulty of the topics. We supported each other as we cried and filled with rage. We each wrote and read each other's research papers. I wrote on how the events that occurred in Indian boarding schools in the 19th & 20th centuries were acts of genocide.
  2. Medieval Medicine
    When I took this it was a new class that my adviser developed. We discussed a wide range of medical practices starting with Hippocrates and Galen. We also discussed diseases such as leprosy and syphilis. It was fascinating! The next year I was a TA to help with historical research because a lot of the students were science students who could be clueless in this area. I had so much fun experiencing this class twice.
  3. Organic Evolution
    I took this as one of the courses for my bio minor. The professor was absolutely amazing! He got everyone involved, which was good for me. I was the only sophomore in a class of junior and seniors. I took it early without completing the prerequisite so I was terrified and very shy. The first class involved us crawling around on the floor with different "appendages" to pick up beans to demonstrate adaptation. The prof also writes comic books so there was lots of fun comics on evolution.
  4. History of Food
    This class was awesome! We discussed cuisines from around the world and cultural practices regarding food. We did a lot of food rating in class. Who knew boiled peanuts were the bomb?! We each researched a recipe and wrote a bread history of it to be part of a recipe book the prof was writing. At the end of the semester we all made the food we researched and had a big dinner at the prof's house. It was a blast and there was so much good food and some Madeira wine tasting.
  5. History of God
    This was taught by two professors. One of religion and one of history. This class was fascinating. The class traced the origins of Christianity and how the image of God evolved. We looked at early Christianity, medieval Christianity, and modern Christianity. For being 2 hours long and at 9 in the morning it always felt shorter than all my 55 minute classes. Probably because I enjoyed this class so much.
  6. Introduction to Modern Irish
    I took this abroad at UCC. I'm not great at languages but want to learn them. Irish is such a beautiful language but so very difficult to pronounce. My teacher was so much fun and full of energy. I can talk about the weather that's it for now!
  7. Archaeology of the Early Irish Church
    Tomás was such a delightful professor. He loved the topic and when the professor loves what they teach you love it too. I loved learning about all the sites and the changes in church structure overtime. We went on a field trip and visited church sites, some of which Tomás had excavated. So much fun! Worst test I ever took though. It was so hard.