Yesss my history nerd friend @alexim 🤓
  1. Ancient Egypt
    Who doesn't love ancient Egypt?!? It's such a long period of history and what was created during that time was astounding. Really any ancient history, but Egypt is my favorite.
  2. Medieval Europe
    I am all over medieval Europe. This is my shit. If it comes from that time I'll probably love it. My advisor was a medieval historian and I took like 7 classes with her. That's probably why. There's so much like medicine, religion (everyone loves a good miracle story), and women that is just fascinating. I've also read some hilarious shit from this period.
  3. Early Modern
    Okay I really don't know much about it, but what I wrote my thesis on was in the Early Modern Period.
  4. Okay the rest aren't really eras
  5. Irish History
    I currently have 3 general Irish history books that I bought and I'm going to read. I blame this 100% on the 3 months I lived in Ireland and took Irish archaeology classes and an Irish language class and fell in love. I want to learn everything about Ireland from prehistoric to modern. Y'all should just send anything Irish my way.
  6. Native Americans
    I know very little, but I wrote a paper on Indian Boarding schools for my Crimes Against Humanity class. They were awful places. I want to learn about Native American culture and religion. Okay sometimes my anthropology and history lines blur 😁
  7. Genocides and Crimes Against Humanity
    I'm very interested in these very specific times in history. They are always so complex. I became more interested during my Crimes Against Humanity class where we discussed many different genocides. I also helped organize our Genocide Awareness and Action Week and I just want to learn so much and how to help.
  8. The History of Christianity
    I'm really interested in religions and their development over time. Thank you History of God class for the particular interest in the development of Christianity.
  9. African and Middle-Eastern History
    I know practically nothing about these areas, but I'm very interested in learning.
  10. The History of Islam
    I also know practically nothing in this subject. My advisor co-teaches a class with a religion professor on the History of Islam. This was one of the two classes of hers I didn't get to take. I'm very jealous of all my friends who did get to take it because they said it was the best class.