Not ranked in any particular order. Just the order I grabbed them.
  1. The buddy walk
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    I got it from my first buddy walk. It's two sizes two big, but I wear it on national Down's syndrome day every year. I also wear it to bed a lot.
  2. The X-Files!
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    This shirt speaks to me on a deep level. I wear it like once a week. Wearing it now actually.
  3. The Mac
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    It's like 5 years old and no longer bright white. I refuse to stop wearing it.
  4. The University College Cork
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    I got it for less than €10. I was poor when I was abroad, but I needed a UCC shirt.
  5. The Hillary
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    It's so colorful and Hillary!
  6. The Dana Scully
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    A recent addition from my BFF Mindy. The "Scully is tired of your shit" look makes it perfect.
  7. The GAAW Front
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    I own one from 3 different years. This one holds a special place in my heart because I helped organize Genocide Awareness and Action Week my senior year.
  8. The GAAW Back
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  9. The Laura Roslin
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    Despite this being a present from my ex-friend I still love it. Really because Laura Roslin is president of the universe and my heart.
  10. The Juniata Bar Crawl
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    I didn't actually go because I was too lazy to start drinking at noon and walking around, but I still got the free shirt. I find it hilarious even though I know the opposite is not how evolution works at all.
  11. The Johnny's
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    It's the symbol from the one bar in Huntingdon. Long story short my roommate and I stole them at a Halloween party when we were very drunk. That could be a whole other list.
  12. The Mac Again
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    I bought it when I saw them live last October. Best night of my life.
  13. The Led Zeppelin
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    When ever my dad dragged me to church I wanted to wear it because of how inappropriate it would be. I never did because despite not liking the Catholic Church I'm still a respectful shit.
  14. The Blondie
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    It's a crop top. I don't normally wear crop tops, but for Debbie Harry I will.
  15. The Heart
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    Way too big, but it was the last one when I saw them in 2010 and it was my favorite design. Still love it and wear it even if a Juniata washing machine ripped a hole in it.
  16. The Stevie
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    Because I needed a shirt that said Stevie Nicks on it in very flowy writing.
  17. The Hannibal
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    I needed a shirt with Bedelia and Hannibal on it surrounded by skulls. Still think it's awesome.
  18. The Doctor Who
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    I actually have like 5 Doctor Who shirts, but this is my favorite. It's so pretty and Space!! Fun fact I didn't know police box was written backwards because I always looked at it while looking in the mirror. I'm an idiot.
  19. The Beacon Lodge
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    It's from the camp I worked at for 3 summers. That place has a little corner of my heart all to itself.
  20. The CSI
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    This is one of the oldest shirts I have. I got it in the 9th or 10th grade. I was very much in love with CSI. It is now a bed shirt. The hand print is conveniently placed over my left boob.