Favorite X-files Interviews That Jess Must Watch

For my bb @jessacosta ❤️👽😘
  1. Jimmy Kimmel Sketch 2016
    Hilarious! I forced everyone in my house to watch it. Watch it before the interview. http://youtu.be/L6pLxYXpW8I
  2. Jimmy Kimmel interview 2016
    Hilarious! Gillian can't stop laughing and it's adorable http://youtu.be/w9Xzo8xOYvE
  3. Paley Live 2013
    It is worth the whole hour and 45 minutes. Spoilers so watch after you finish the series unless you don't give a fuck like me and watch it while you're in the middle of the series. http://youtu.be/w2lpQCJxcDA
  4. Access Hollywood 2008?
    Very cute when they interview each other. http://youtu.be/evAaRyeBIVU
  5. Them interviewing each other is my favorite! This one is quite good.
    Gillian remembers like nothing. http://youtu.be/WBcfgMvUIak
  6. Okay now Gillian ones because I've watched a lot with her and like none with David even though I love him too, but we all know who my heart belongs to sooo.....
  7. Letterman
    They kiss and it's funny. http://youtu.be/QPLlDZ2uJXY
  8. Letterman 2008
    Pretty funny. She's adorable. http://youtu.be/i5COtGO6RCw
  9. Graham Norton
    This whole thing is fucking hilarious. http://youtu.be/hWa9szEKMlA
  10. Jonathan Ross
    She talks about that naked fish picture she did. http://youtu.be/3UYwHfUOWq0
  11. Okay this isn't really an interview but she does a self portrait and talks about herself and it's really cute and she is so unbelievably gorgeous in it.
  12. God there are so many because Gillian is actually fucking hilarious.
  13. This video is just a bunch of random shit she's said. A lot of the interviews you can find on YouTube. I search based on funny clips in this. Because she kills me.
  14. Also watch all The X-Files bloopers. They are all on YouTube. They are all like longer than 5 minutes. Swearing isn't bleeped out which I love. And they are HILARIOUS. Like just watch them all.
  15. Enjoy ❤️👽❤️
  16. PS Jess, I love you!