1. Hot Dogs
    Don't tell me they are gross, will give me cancer, or what they are made of. They are delicious and I do not care.
  2. Cool Ranch Doritos
    I could eat a party size bag twice a week if I found that socially acceptable.
  3. French Fries and Mayo
    It's got to be a good fry and good mayo.
  4. Chocolate
    Preferably dark chocolate, but when I'm desperate any chocolate will do. Except white chocolate. That's foul.
  5. Caramel
    Just pour it in my mouth.
  6. Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwiches
    Preferably on an everything bagel.
  7. Pudding
    Chocolate or vanilla is fine thank you.
  8. The Middle Part of the Ice Cream Cake
    Those chocolate crunchies and fudgy goodness. Just make this the whole cake.