Foods I Will Not Eat

  1. Ketchup
    Like it actually is a legitimate fear in many ways. I cannot touch it. If it gets on me I freak out and have to wash that area thoroughly with soap and hot water. I get nauseous if I smell it. I don't mind if people eat it by like dipping or putting it on stuff but Timmy will eat it off his plate and it freaks me out.
  2. Ham
    I just really don't like ham. I will eat pork and bacon though. Maybe it's the color because it's pink and that usually means it's not cooked. I also don't like the taste.
  3. Raisins
    Ugh they are so gross. I have gotten a cinnamon raisin bagel once. I picked out all the raisins. Timmy tries to feed me his.
  4. Coke/Pepsi
    I have never liked the taste of either. It's just gross. I actually don't drink a lot of soda because it makes my tum hurt. I do love myself some root beer though.
  5. Raw tomatoes or raw onions
    I will eat them when they are cooked though. Raw I just can't.
  6. Milk
    I am not a fan of milk. Cow's milk that is. I will use it when baking and making mac & cheese and other things like that l, but I will not drink it or put it on my cereal. I never really liked it as a kid. I'm a soy or almond milk person.
  7. Grape flavored things
    Grape jelly, grape juice, or any candy that is grape flavored. Nope it's gross. I think it's a Concord grape thing. Like I can't. If the candy is purple I won't eat it. I do like red grapes and I fucking love myself all kinds of wine.
  8. Other than that I will probably try anything at least once
    I've always been a picky eater. That's because a good bit of my OCD is around food and illnesses, so I never tried new things. In the past year and a half though I've been pushing that so I don't miss out on all sorts of delicious food. I've tried medium rare bison while in Yellowstone and I've tried sushi. Not sure what kind. My sister always orders it, but the kind with the fish. Never in a million years did I think I would try and enjoy something with raw fish.