Inspired by @lesbian
  1. 3/6 are female and 3/6 are male
  2. 1/6 has a college degree
    Me. 2/6 soon. Rachel will have one in April.
  3. 1/6 have a diagnosed mental illness
    Sup it's me.
  4. 3/6 have a job
    4/6 soon if I get this job!
  5. 3/6 are athletically inclined
    Rachel- exercise science major, runner, does Pilates, yoga, other stuff. Jeni- varsity track & field for shot put since freshman year of high school. Erik- 6 yo and loves his karate.
  6. 2/6 have more than one piercing
    I have my ears, cartilage, and an industrial. Rachel had her ears pierced 3 times, various cartilage, tragus, belly button, and back piercings.
  7. 2/6 are in kindergarten
  8. 4/6 have the same mother
  9. 1/6 is gay
    That's me.
  10. 2/6 have their driver's license
  11. 6/6 are funny af all the time