17 days until The X-Files! Here are the episodes I consider the funniest. This is the first of my X-Files lists before the premiere.
  1. Humbug- 2x20
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  2. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose- 3x4
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  3. Syzygy- 3x13
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  4. Jose Chung's From Outer Space- 3x20
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  5. Small Potatoes- 4x20
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  6. The Post-Modern Prometheus- 5x5
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  7. Bad Blood- 5x12
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  8. Triangle- 6x3
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  9. Dreamland Parts 1 & 2- 6x4 and 6x5
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  10. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas- 6x6
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  11. Rain King- 6x8
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  12. Arcadia- 6x15
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  13. The Unnatural- 6x19
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  14. Three of a Kind- 6x20
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  15. The Goldberg Variation- 7x6
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  16. The Amazing Maleeni- 7x8
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  17. X-COPS- 7x12
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  18. First Person Shooter- 7x13
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  19. Hollywood A.D.- 7x19
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  20. Fight Club- 7x20
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  21. Je Souhaite- 7x21
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  22. Improbable- 9x13
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