Inspired by @minabird list appreciation of David Duchovny. To be honest I'm surprised I haven't made one before.
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    Dana Scully
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    The X-Files is 100% responsible for my downward spiral into the love of Gillian Anderson. Dana Scully is so important. She shows that religion, science, and skepticism can go together. She's a doctor, and FBI agent, a mother, a partner. She is πŸ’―
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    Stella Gibson
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    I always want to make everyone I know watch The Fall. I've probably watched both seasons at least 3 times. Stella has a degree in anthropology which makes my heart flutter. She likes men and women. She's definitely a feminist. And still a mystery.
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    Bedelia Du Maurier
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    Was she slightly drunk all the time? Maybe. Does she have questionable morals? Yes. Was Gillian absolutely fabulous and completely gorgeous? Always. Thank you Hannibal.
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    She speaks with two accents πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
    She's got an American accent and her British accent from growing up in both places. I love both.
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    She wrote a trilogy!
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    It's my next book to read. Like oh my gosh I'm so excited.
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    She talks about her anxiety and panic attacks
    Which is very relatable.
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    The Gilly box
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    Because she so small compared to David.
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    She swears a lot
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    This is one of my favorite things because I also thoroughly enjoy swearing.
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    Her kids have awesome names
    Piper, Oscar, and Felix. Props for the sweet names Gillian!
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    She's really funny
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    Like if you watch almost any interview she can be quite hilarious!
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    She does charity things
    I know about the Neurofibromatosis charities she works with because of her brother and SA-YES which she co-founded. I'm sure there are more.
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    Also she just gorgeous. I would probably fight anyone who said otherwise.
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