1. The first time I went to New York City was over spring break my freshman year of college.
  2. I went with my roommate, Colleen, and her childhood friend, Chrissy.
  3. We were only there for the day and were there specifically to see you in Seminar.
  4. It had you (Alan Rickman), Hamish Linklater, Jerry O'Connell, Hettienne Park, and Lily Rabe.
    Before this I only knew you and Jerry O'Connell (I really loved Crossing Jordan), but now all of these actors I adore.
  5. It was my first Broadway play and it did not disappoint.
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  6. Everyone was so good in the play and after they were so kind.
  7. Jerry O'Connell came out first and very excited for pictures. So of course Chrissy and I got a picture.
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  8. Everyone else came out to sign playbills. They were kind, but quiet.
  9. You came out and I everyone freaked out because you were such a loved and talented actor.
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  10. I got my playbill signed by everyone, but saying hello and thank you to you as you signed mine was what made the experience the absolute best.
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  11. You didn't say much, but I never expected you to.
  12. So Alan, thank you for making my first Broadway play and first trip to New York City a memorable one. You will always be associated with that day.
  13. Also, thank you for being a part of my childhood and bringing such a wonderful fantasy world to life.
  14. I've never read a bad thing about you, which makes me believe you were truly an amazing human being and not just an extremely talented actor.
    I trust anything Emma Thompson says about you.
  15. You were loved and will be missed by many.
  16. Goodbye Alan.