1. I cannot breathe 😳
  2. I just got a call from the place that I applied to months ago
  3. It's at an assisted living facility and they train you to become a CNA
    Which is a lot of stuff I did at camp.
  4. I had given up hope on this one. I want it so bad because it's right around the corner. Has the class and it's something I know I'm good at
  5. Ahhhhhhhhh
  6. Oh god I can't remember her name. It started with an O. It was a different name oh god kill me 😬
  7. Also holy crap what am I going to wear?!?!
  8. I need to get pants. It's too cold for a skirt
  9. What am I going to say?! What do they ask in interviews?! Fuck what if I blank on a question?
  10. I'm so nervous. But also excited!
  11. I'm going to need to get my permit immediately 😐
  12. 😵😵😵