1. I have serious trouble focusing all the time
  2. This makes it extremely difficult to do things. Even things I want to do.
  3. Move to a quiet place? Tried it. I get distracted by the silence.
  4. Add some music? This occasionally helps. Most of the time I'm distracted by it. Even instrumental music.
  5. Remove distractions, like phone? I remove it but get distracted by other things. Like all of sudden I'll read or color because I removed my phone. I remove one distraction I find another.
  6. When I read I have to take breaks a lot just so my brain doesn't wander and then I'm 50 pages in and I actually haven't read anything. I can read pages, but be thinking about something completely different while reading.
  7. The only time I can really focus is when I paint or draw, but that's only when I have the desire to actually do it. When I want to I get so lost in what I'm doing that hours go by and I don't notice.
  8. This isn't practical at all because I not doing what I need to be doing. Rarely does this focus actually go towards anything important.
  9. Maybe this is because my brain is constantly running in circles thinking about more than one thing so it can't focus on one thing?
  10. I never feel like I can fully organize my thoughts. So I'm constantly going back and forth.
  11. It takes forever for me to get stuff done which makes me feel bad because I know I can do it or I want to do it but my brain is all over the place.
  12. I get really upset about this. So I end up waiting until the last minute to do everything. Which doesn't help.
  13. How do you focus? What do I do?