Currently trying to convince her to binge watch a British crime drama with me. Preferably The Fall.
  1. We couldn't find a movie to watch
  2. I suggested many crime dramas with fabulous female leads to binge watch
  3. *insert lesbian joke from her*
  4. Tried convincing her by saying "This is the shit you want to do with your life!"
    "Why not have a strong female as your role model even if she is a British cop." NOTE: Nothing against female British cops or any British cop. She wants to be a FBI profiler. So it's not quite the same thing.
  5. Her response: "And fictional."
  6. I'm thinking about sitting in her room and bugging her until she gives in
  7. Maybe changing the Netflix password until she says yes
    Because this bitch pays for the Netflix. POWER!
  8. Remind her that I'm making all her friends and her frozen hot chocolate tomorrow
  9. Gave a mini soapbox speech on why British TV is excellent compared to American TV
  10. Still not convinced
  11. I am contemplating tying her to a bed and forcing her to watch something
    It's not torture if it's enjoyable, quality television that you are subjected to, right?