How I Survive Finals

Okay I haven't taken a final in over a year. And most of the time I didn't have a final. I had a final paper. So most of the time was writing and not studying because history majors write papers. All. The. Time.
  1. Write down when every paper is due or when every test is
    Often right after finals schedule is released about two months before finals.
  2. Set aside time for each test or paper. More time for things that are sooner.
    I literally never followed this because I'd get caught up in something or I had zero desire to something.
  3. Outlines, outlines, outlines
    Very important for paper writing to keep things organized. Also good for tests. Pick out the topics you need to know and then outline what is important. This I did ALL the time. Keeps everything in an organized fashion.
  4. Going to any event provided on campus
    Need a break from studying? Go to an event to get your mind off of it. I always went and made a stuffed animal and ate free food.
  5. Eating
    About 90% of it was stress and procrastination eating. But y'all should eat to keep that brain working.
  6. Sleeping
    Both as a necessity and a form of procrastination. I can't have caffeine so I need sleep to keep going.
  7. Walking around
    I need frequent breaks because I have the attention span of a small child. Walking keeps me awake. Sometimes I need to think. There's always that one sentence you are trying to write and it just won't happen.
  8. Showers
    Refreshing and an excellent place for ideas to formulate.
  9. Crying
    Sometimes you just got to get that stress out via your eyeballs.
  10. Winging it
    There was a lot of this. This is my specialty.