I Can't Even. I've Died

  1. This video has killed me
  2. I've watched it at least 6 times and I can't stop
  3. It's Blondie performing D-Day like 3 years ago in Sydney
  4. First off, who allowed 60-something year old Debbie Harry to be this hot???
  5. Like excuse me. Please. I can't handle this.
  6. Like also she's super adorable because she dances so adorable and awkwardly at times.
  7. But other times I'm like please don't sway and move like that because it's killing me.
  8. Also I'm in love with her voice the entire song.
  9. The way she dances and sings "I wanna blow your tick tick tock." 😳
    Guys it makes me feel things.
  10. In conclusion:
  11. I would make a mess of my last love and transfer it all to Debbie Harry.
  12. RIP me
  13. Fun fact: I watched the video 4 times while writing this list because I kept getting distracted.