1. Gillian Anderson
    Can anyone blame me? No. Probably would have a panic attack in front of her.
  2. Stevie Nicks
    She's so small and cute and talented. Would 100% blurt out "will you marry me" to her.
  3. Barnes & Noble
    I will not leave the store without buying a book will always end up buying at least 3 books if I visit their website.
  4. TV Shows
    Seriously. No series is too long for me to binge watch. If everyone is talking about it in probably going to watch it.
  5. Ireland
    One mention of Ireland and I lose it. Prepare for study abroad stories and my thesis.
  6. The X-Files
    Especially when it comes to Scully and Mulder because they are so in love. It may actually be them I have no chill about.
  7. Museums
    I LOVE museums! I will read everything. I will stay there for hours. Especially if it is something I like. Art museums, history museums, science museums you can't stop me.
  8. Crime Shows
    I have a type what can I say? I've watched a lot of them. I have no control.
  9. Attractive Women
    Like I'm not creepy. I'm just in awe because they are so pretty. Like how is it possible?!? Why are women so gorgeous? Here's Debbie Harry. Goodbye.