Erik is Timmy's twin. So he's my other 6 year old brother. He's hilarious and my actual mini me.
  1. This is Erik
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    He is wearing my sweatshirt. He often asks for a particular white sweater of mine because he says it fits him perfectly and he needs it to pretend to be a scientist.
  2. He's drama king
    At school he's behaved and kinda shy. The second this kid steps in the house though it's like he's entered into a Broadway musical. There's lots of dramatics and singing and dancing. He gets this from me. I like to throw myself on the ground, talk in different accents, and act foolish all in the name of at home comedy.
  3. He's a future black belt in the making
    He's in karate and he loves it. He's currently got 3 black stripes on his orange striped white belt whatever that means. He's moving up essentially.
  4. He loves scary things
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    He's a big fan of zombies, skeletons, ghosts, vampires, and all other things like this. Look at these Halloween decorations that are his toys.
  5. He thinks everything is a movie.
    No matter how many times I tell him it is an episode of a tv show he will still ask me what movie I'm watching. Ahh yes I am watching the movie called Grey's Anatomy followed by the movie Scandal.
  6. He knows basically ever show I watch by looking at it.
    Probably because I'm always watching something when he gets home from school. He finally got The Good Wife. He kept calling it The Good Mom because she's a mom. He knows what moms are not really what wives are.
  7. He loves Doctor Who thanks to me.
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    Look at us as The Doctor and Clara! He told me Missy was the best character ever because she said "weeeee" when the dalek blew up. I cried proud tears.
  8. He says some funny shit.
    Currently working on a list of the stuff that comes out of his mouth.
  9. He plays the Sims
    My stepmom has the Sims free play app on the iPad. He's obsessed. He likes looking at them closely while they do things. He also can't read yet so he's constantly asking what everything says so he can complete quests.
  10. He's a smart cookie
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    I mean a kid who makes a protection wall with pillows and a blanket roof to watch tv safely and comfortably is going places in my book. I'm honestly jealous I didn't think of this. He's also knows a lot of things and is very observant, but that's besides the point.
  11. Whenever he does something strange, bad, or hilarious my father tells me it's my fault.
    Which is true. I've taught him everything he knows. We are BFFs. When he turns 18 we're going to Ireland to see castles and drink in pubs. We planned this at the bus stop one morning a month ago.