Movies/tv Shows I Would Want to Live In

  1. Stargate
    This is my #1 TV show I would want to live in. I like to pretend I would be the next Sam Carter, but I can't do math so being an astrophysicist is out. I would be the next Daniel Jackson. Anthropologist/Archaeologist traveling through the Stargate and studying alien cultures. I'd do a couple years in Atlantis too.
  2. Harry Potter
    Still sitting here waiting for my Hogwarts letter. It's 12 years late. I'd definitely would specialize in Muggle Studies. It's basically anthropology on some levels. Being a witch is very appealing to me.
  3. Lord of the Rings
    I'd be the baddest fucking Elf anyone had seen. Like Galadriel and I would be BFFs. Maybe a lesbian elf couple.
  4. Charmed
    Another witch! Fighting demons. Being cool.
  5. The X-Files
    I would definitely be running around with Mulder shouting "ALIENS" and "GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY" at everyone.
  6. Parks & Rec
    I'm Leslie Knope's nanny/personal assistant.