To be honest I have zero clue what this really means. I'm winging it. To be cool, ya know?
  1. Emma Thompson dramatically falling on the ground during interviews
  2. Stevie Nicks twirls
  3. Accidentally poking a hole in my fancy lace underwear with my finger
  4. Drinking just water, but not enough to actually be properly hydrated
  5. "I want to go to there."
  6. Gillian Anderson swearing
  7. Binge watching TV shows I've already seen multiple times
  8. Drinking two glasses of wine and being on the brink of drunkeness
  9. Wanting to wear a knife in a garter under a skirt, but knowing I would accidentally stab myself in the leg
  10. Enya singing in a made up language
  11. Stacks of unread books
  12. Having crushes on middle aged actresses
  13. Sitting under blankets all year round
  14. Karen Walker's description of the story of Christmas
    "Grace it's Christmas for goodness sake! Think about the baby Jesus! Up in that tower letting his hair down, so that the three wise men can climb up and spin the dreidel and see if there's six more weeks of winter."
  15. Painting and wiping my brush off on my thighs
  16. 👽👽👽
  17. Battlestar Galactica levels of sadness
  18. Being accused of witchcraft in the Middle Ages
  19. Crying in stairwells
  20. Thinking I'm funnier than I actually am
  21. Talking in an awful combination of a Scottish/English/Irish accent
  22. Holding one of my boobs in public and not knowing
  23. Taking my glasses off and then losing them
  24. Emailing an assignment to a professor 20 minutes late because "I got locked out of my email account"
  25. Eating just a spoonful of ice cream at random times throughout the day
  26. Thinking of of an excellent response two days later