My Christmas List 🎄

  1. Lots of flannels. All of them. Any color.
  2. Enya's new CD- Dark Sky Island
    So I can look at all the pretty pictures inside.
  3. Gillian Anderson's books
    Because Gillian Anderson wrote two books (with someone else) and I'm obligated to buy them.
  4. Barry's Tea- Irish Breakfast Tea
    I drank this ALL the time in Ireland. It's really the only tea I love. It's going to need to be decaf tea though now because my stomach is weak.
  5. Literally anything that has anything to do with The X-Files
    Shirts, figurines, posters, Gillian Anderson, an actual alien.
  6. Another tattoo
    I find it unlikely that my grandmother would provide funds for a tattoo.
  7. The universities I applied to to accept me
    Love me and let me in!
  8. My loans to be paid off
    Because sweet baby Jesus $61,000 in loans is too fucking much.
  9. A job
    You know so I can pay for these loans because we all know baby Jesus can't perform that miracle.