Inspired by @lesbian and @lmao. I may have gone overboard 😳 but these are all so important. The last two I had to add because they were my entire childhood.
  1. Rumours/ Fleetwood Mac
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    Essential Tracks: Songbird, Gold Dust Woman, Never Going Back Again, The Chain
  2. Tusk/ Fleetwood Mac
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    Essential Tracks: Sara, Think About Me, Storms, Angel, Sisters Of The Moon, Never Make Me Cry, Beautiful Child, Tusk, Over & Over, The Ledge, What Makes You Think You're The One, Not That Funny, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Walk A Thin Line,
  3. Bella Donna/ Stevie Nicks
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    Essential Tracks: Outside the Rain, Edge of Seventeen, Kind of Woman, Bella Donna, How Still My Love
  4. The Wild Heart/ Stevie Nicks
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    Essential Tracks: Wild Heart, If Anyone Falls, Enchanted, Nothing Ever Changes, I Will Run To You, Sable On Blonde, Nightbird
  5. 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault/ Stevie Nicks
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    Essential Tracks: Lady, All The Beautiful Worlds, Starshine, If You Were My Love, Carousel, The Dealer, Blue Water
  6. Eden/ Sarah Brightman
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    Essential Tracks: Eden, Anytime Anywhere, Deliver Me, Only an Ocean Away, Nessun Dorma, In Paradisum, Bailero
  7. Time To Say Goodbye/ Sarah Brightman
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    Essential Tracks: Naturaleza Muerta, There For Me, Tu Quieres Vovler, Who Wants To Live Forever, La Wally, Time To Say Goodbye,
  8. Dark Sky Island/ Enya
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    Essential Tracks: Even In The Shadows, Echoes in Rain, The Humming, I Could Never Say Goodbye, So I Could Find My Way, Diamonds On The Water
  9. Amarantine/ Enya
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    Essential Tracks: The River Sings, Someone Said Goodbye, Long Long Journey, Amarantine, Less Than A Pearl
  10. Mantaray/ Siouxsie Sioux
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    Essential Tracks: Into A Swan, Loveless, About To Happen, Here Comes That Day, They Follow You, About To Happen
  11. Led Zeppelin
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    Essential Tracks: Dazed And Confused, Communication Breakdown, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, You Shook Me
  12. Dreamboat Annie/ Heart
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    Essential Tracks: White Lightning and Wine, Soul of The Sea, Magic Man, Crazy On You, (Love Me Like Music) I'll Be Your Song
  13. Bebe Le Strange/ Heart
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    Essential Tracks: Bebe Le Strange, Even It Up, Break, Jackleg Man, Silver Wheels, Down On Me
  14. Dog & Butterfly/ Heart
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    Essential Tracks: High Time, Hijinx, Mistral Wind, Straight On, Cook With Fire
  15. Sing/ Maria Doyle Kennedy
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    Essential Tracks: The Silence, Sing From The Sea, Twelve White Horses, Am I Choosing Right, Yes We Will, The Most Beautiful People Are Broken
  16. Blondie
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    Essential Tracks: In The Flesh, Rip Her To Shreds, X Offender, Little Girl Lies, The Attack of the Giant Ants, In The Sun, Look Good In Blue
  17. Surrealistic Pillow/ Jefferson Airplane
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    Essential Tracks: Today, White Rabbit, 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds, How Do You Feel, Somebody To Love, Plastic Fantastic Lover
  18. Volunteers/ Jefferson Airplane
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    Essential Tracks: We Can Be Together, Wooden Ships, Hey Frederick, Volunteers
  19. Dreams/ Grace Slick
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    Essential Tracks: Do It The Hard Way, Let It Go, Dreams, Seasons, Face To The Wind, Garden of Man
  20. Damn The Torpedoes/ Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
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    Essential Tracks: Here Comes My Girl, Even The Losers, Refugee, Don't Do Me Like That
  21. Gravity's Rainbow/ Pat Benatar
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    Essential Tracks: Everybody Lay Down, Sanctuary, Ties That Bind, Somebody's Baby, Every Time I Fall Back
  22. Ceremonials/ Florence + The Machine
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    Essential Tracks: What The Water Gave Me, Breaking Down, Shake It Out, Leave My Body, Never Let Me Go, Only If For A Night
  23. Eye To The Telescope/ KT Tunstall
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    Essential Tracks: Miniature Disastures, Other Side Of The World, Stoppin' The Love, Another Place To Fall, Universe & U
  24. All The Way...A Decade Of Song/ Céline Dion
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    Essential Tracks: If You Asked Me To, The Power Of Love, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, If Walls Could Talk
  25. The Very Best Of Cher/ Cher
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    Essential Tracks: Believe, If I Could Turn Back Time, Save Up All Your Tears, I Found Someone, Strong Enough, Dark Lady, The Beat Goes On