My family is amazing and I'm so thankful for them!
  1. This calendar and socks from my sister!
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    I cannot wait to color each picture every month! And long warm socks!! I will were them with my shorts everyday around the house. Because instead of wearing sweatpants I wear shorts and long socks and sit under a blanket.
  2. This Ireland themed selection from my grandma! 🇮🇪
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    Okay I drank Barry's tea everyday Ireland. Decaf because my body can't handle caffeine. Well my tum can't. Guinness chocolates! YASSS! And and history of Ireland book! Someone hold me!
  3. This adorable and portable pill case from my grandma!
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    I can now carry my pills in style. And perhaps remember to take them. Like I'm so excited for this. Y'all have no idea.
  4. This scarf and a pair of gloves from grandma!
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    Grandma constantly delivers on the necessities. Scarves and gloves. Things I always need. I actually currently don't have a pair of gloves, not like I need them in this fucking heat wave of northeastern PA.
  5. This shirt from my dad!
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    The Doctor Who shirt collection is growing.
  6. More Doctor Who stuff thanks to the dad!
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    I love it! Also Erik loves it!
  7. This also from daddio!
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    I have gotten the previous season of Bones every single year since the first season came out. It wouldn't be Christmas without it!
  8. Also a bunch of Barnes & Noble gift cards that I'm about to go fucking crazy with!
  9. This!!!!!
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    Okay this is actually Erik's gift from Nana and Pop-Pop, but Erik and I are putting it together. I'm v excited about it!!
  10. This!!!!
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    Okay this is actually Erik's gift from me, but I'm going to read it to him! I'm also v excited!!