I don't really use emojis but these are the ones I do use and for what.
  1. 👽
    Because aliens are always relevant. I just like it.
  2. 😭
    Used to show I'm very happy and it's making me emotional or I'm very proud. Also used when someone is so beautiful I have no words just tears.
  3. ❤️
    Used to show support, love, and friendship.
  4. 🐢
    Turtles are my favorite animal. I only ever send this to Mindy. It's our thing.
  5. 😳
    Used when something strange or disturbing happens. Often used when watching American Horror Story.
  6. 😍
    Used mostly for people I don't know but love. Commonly followed by any mention of Gillian Anderson.
  7. 😊
    Used when I say thank you to people because when I get compliments I blush and it makes me happy.
  8. 🔥
    I've only ever used this to show hatred towards things as it represents my desire to set it on fire. On here it seems to represent being a good thing.